My art practice is about looking at photographic conventions and creating alternate methods by exploring the boundaries of photography.  I consider how ideologies of photography range in definition from person to person, and how that translation differs today in both physical and immaterial form. My photographic works comprise of large-scale, unique, black and white and color darkroom prints, collages and sculptures. My images are not from a camera; I work in the darkroom with only photosensitive paper and light to develop a complex and imaginary language with the mediums in exploration.  The paper is physically manipulated to construct three-dimensional sculpted and collaged works that examine the intersection between image and object. The site-specific gallery lighting create shadows from these objects, relating to the origin of how the works are created.  Once off the walls, the pieces are often rolled up and flattened, thus creating a body of work in flux every time the work is exhibited.

In association with my most recent abstract color prints and sculptures, titled CMY RGB and Untitled Color, I examine some of the ways photography is made to function and what it is made of. These photographic works are analogue color prints in their purest form, giving reference to the subtractive color model, cyan magenta and yellow, mixed to create secondary color combinations, red green and blue.